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“You’ve just seen and heard these accounts of what it is like to experience fire first hand. They all tell the same story: Fire and Burns are real!”
– Fire Captain Harry Fast (Retired)

” We congratulate this tremendous endeavour and are confident the information provided will help families stay safe.
– Michael Hurley, president of the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund

“ I thought we were safe. I was shocked to learn that we would have only to 45 seconds to escape our home in the event of a fire”
– Carol Colley (Vancouver, BC)

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    Captain Fast's Solution

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    Fire Safety Tips

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    Ask Captain Fast

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    Support BCPFFA

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“…The process will ultimately raise family home fire safety awareness and potentially save lives…Truly a transformational experience!…
– Raymond Aaron (NY Times best selling author)

“We had no planned escape route and no escape equipment… we would have been in real trouble…”
– Sandra Wright (Vancouver, BC)